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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Extending NerdDinner: Adding MEF and plugins to ASP.NET MVC

The original NerdDinner Sample was very simple. Two samples, simple, in fact. Perhaps it's the new Northwind, as it's a good way to start working with ASP.NET MVC. However, it's not a perfect sample or an idealized example on how to do many things that users want to do.
Fortunately, there's been lots of cool folks in the community who have "forked" NerdDinner and done interesting stuff with it. Each of these samples is usually focused on a specific scenario, so they won't necessarily be merged with the trunk, but they are educational nonetheless.
Scott Hanselman has a blog upon Extending NerdDinner that details the addition of Microsoft Entity Framework (MEF) and plugins to ASP.Net MVC at his blog...

Jon Galloway and I have also added a few things to NerdDinner, taking it in a more social direction, as Jon's MVC Music Store today is a better "getting started" sample for ASP.NET MVC 2. We'll be doing a series of posts on the interesting things the community 
has added to NerdDinner as well as some of the ones Jon and I added and presented at Mix a few months back. Soon Jon and I will release an updated NerdDinner v2 on CodePlex (although it's been in the source code tab for weeks) with lots of fixes, new features. We'll also add many of these "one off" samples as well and host them on CodePlex.
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