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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Microsoft Begins Testing Browser Choice Screen

Next week Microsoft will begin testing a new browser choice screen that will let users choose a web browser rather then having Internet Explorer installed as the default.

Unbelievably the company has been forced to provide this choice screen by EU regulators that claim bundling Internet Explorer with Windows is unfair to developers of third-party web browsers such as Firefox and Opera.

Microsoft has now posted images of what the browser choice screen will look like. A user will be presented with five major browsers randomly ordered. There will also be the ability to choose from several additional browsers. If you choose a browser other than Internet Explorer, you’ll get a shortcut of that browser on your desktop, and Internet Explorer will be unpinned from the taskbar.

Testing of the browser choice screen begins next week in the UK, Belgium and France. It will be available via a software update from Windows Update. A phased rollout of the update will happen across Europe beginning March 1st.

Read More [via Mashable]

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