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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Optimize your Website for Search

Over the period we are learning on how to optimize our websites to make the SEO friendly.
The FREE SEO Toolkit from Microsoft helps you improve the volume and quality of traffic to your Website from search engines like Bing and Google.
I’ve been surprised by how many people either have never heard of the tool, or have not yet had a chance to run it against their websites. This blog post by Scott Gu provides a quick summary about why anyone doing web-development should check it out.
The SEO Toolkit helps you improve your Website’s relevance in search results by recommending how to make your new or existing site content and structure more search engine-friendly. It works on any Website on the Web. Best of all - it’s a small, lightweight free download!
Detailed route analysis to see how search engines reach your content Discover common problems in site content and structure.
Works on both local and external public facing Websites. Fully customizable with a powerful query engine
Control how search engines access and display Web content Edit and manage Robot, Sitemap and Site Index files.
 Download and install it today with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.
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