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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting a Job with the Skills Nobody's Paid You For

I've gone through the article and want you to read it too...following is an excerpt from the article:
If you've picked up a language or development skill on your own time, it can be hard to sell that expertise to an employer. Here's two ways to do it.
This is an old question, but it's one that comes up at least once in every developer's career: How do I get a job using the skills or tools I want to use, if my current employer doesn't give me an opportunity to use them? I just found a variation on the question on a developer's discussion forum (edited slightly for clarity):
"I'm looking for work and am considering doing a sample website. What should I put in it to be appealing to prospective employers? Should it just be a content management website? I want to do the site in C#.NET to show I can, because my work experience is with VB.NET. I've been thinking about using modules from 'BeerHouse' done in ASP.NET 2.0, and dress it up in different CSS, but maybe that's trite."
 If you want to demonstrate your non-résumé skills to a prospective employer, the writer has two suggestions.

Read the entire article...
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