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Friday, September 16, 2011

LINQ for JavaScript

Well, I believe either you love LINQ or JavaScript; or you are here to learn LINQ and JavaScript. Be happy to know that Linq.js is complete implementation (almost) of LINQ for JavaScript.

See the cool features below:


  • implement all .NET 4.0 methods and many extra methods (inspiration from Rx, Achiral, Haskell, Ruby, etc...)
  • complete lazy evaluation
  • full IntelliSense support for VisualStudio
  • two versions - linq.js and jquery.linq.js (jQuery plugin)
  • support Windows Script Host
  • binding for Reactive Extensions for JavaScript(RxJS) and IntelliSense Generator -> see documentation
  • NuGet install support(linq.js, linq.js-jQuery, linq.js-Bindings)
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