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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WebMatrix and a PHP tutorial

During the last week, MS announced the launch of all new tools for developers to ease them creating and deploying websites.

  • IIS Developer Express: A lightweight web-server that is simple to setup, free, works with all versions of Windows, and is compatible with the full IIS 7.5.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition: A lightweight file-based database that is simple to setup, free, can be embedded within your ASP.NET applications, supports low-cost hosting environments, and enables databases to be optionally migrated to SQL Server.
  • ASP.NET “Razor”: A new view-engine option for ASP.NET that enables a code-focused templating syntax optimized around HTML generation.  You can use “Razor” to easily embed VB or C# within HTML.  It’s syntax is easy to write, simple to learn, and works with any text editor.

Together they are termed as WebMatrix, the all new tool for development and deployment integrating the above mentioned technologies. This new tool, WebMatrix, and the first preview beta of it is now available for download.
As usual ScottGu's blog is detailing the use of WebMatrix and creating simple applications utilizing these tools. While Brian Swan is leveraging the power of WebMatrix to another step by explaining how to create PHP websites using WebMatrix.
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