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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Speed Test Puts iPhone Right Behind Full Size Keyboard

Phil Gyford has tested the speed of six different input devices and found the iPhone beats everything but a full size QWERTY keyboard.

The six input devices used were:
- The Apple Newton
- The Palm Vx’s Graffiti
- The Palm Treo 650’s hardware QWERTY keyboard
- The Apple iPhone 3G’s software QWERTY keyboard
- Pen and paper
- A full-size QWERTY keyboard

The test was performed with a memorized 221 word text selection from the speech given by Aneurin Bevan to the British Labour Party in 1959 following their general election defeat.

While not exactly scientific, you can take a look at Gyford's results below. Interestingly, the iPhone was even able to beat a pen and paper which might surprise some people.

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