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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tech meccas: The 12 holy sites of IT

You can't call yourself a true IT pro until you've visited at least one of the "holy sites" where computing history was made.

Tech mecca No. 1: 367 Addison Ave., Palo Alto, Calif.
Tech mecca No. 2: 2066 Crist Dr., Los Altos, Calif.
Tech mecca No. 3: 232 Santa Margarita Ave., Menlo Park, Calif.
Tech mecca No. 4: CERN -- Geneva, Switzerland
Tech mecca No. 5: Bletchley Park, England
Tech mecca No. 6: Xerox PARC -- Palo Alto, Calif.
Tech mecca No. 7: Ames Lab, Iowa State University -- Ames, Iowa
Tech mecca No. 8: Moore School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia
Tech mecca No. 9: IBM's "Main Plant" -- Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Tech mecca No. 10: Room 2713, Dobie Hall, University of Texas -- Austin, Texas
Tech mecca No. 11: Kirkland House, Havard University -- Cambridge, Mass.
Tech mecca No. 12: Lyman Residence Hall, Stanford University -- Stanford, Calif.

Tech meccas: The 12 holy sites of IT Adventures in IT - InfoWorld
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